Back to Uni Shop!

As you probably know right now I am holiday in France, hopefully enjoying the sunshine. When I get back, in about a week’s time, the main thing I need to do is restock my fridge and my cupboards. This morning I wrote out my shopping list, something I really recommend doing as it stops you wandering around aimlessly and buying things you don’t want or need, and was surprised to see just how much I wanted to buy.

I went onto Tesco online and had a quick look at how much I expect my shop to cost and came up with a figure close to £80! This may already be giving you mini heart palpitations. After all, the whole point of this blog is to show that living and eating at university  can be done cheaply. But stay with me:

On my shopping list I have £25 worth of meat, which will almost certainly make most of my meals up until Christmas (which then averages out at just over £2 a week). I also have about £15 worth of cleaning stuff, shower gels, shampoos, kitchen essentials like cling film and tin foil etc etc. Another £10 of this shop will end up being store cupboard foods like pasta, rice, tins and other things that won’t go off.

So, when you start breaking it down it actually isn’t that bad. With this amount of food I will be able to make weeks and weeks worth of food, almost all of which I will batch cook in my first few days back and stick in the freezer. I will let you know exactly how much I spend once I have done the shop but I think my guess will be pretty accurate.

See you in a week and a bit’s time and have a great day!