Chicken and Chorizo Couscous

The French have these wonderful packs that have couscous in one pot and a sauce made with meat, vegetables etc in the other. You simply heat the sauce and chuck it on the cooked couscous. Well, having been unable to find anything remotely similar here, I decided to make do with what I had .Whilst not the same as our holiday favourite – which has tomatoes, courgettes, carrots, sausage, chicken, beef, chickpeas etc – mine was probably one of the nicest things I have cooked in ages. When deciding what to put into my couscous, I looked at what needed eating in my fridge:

  • Meat of two chicken drumsticks – taken off the bone in chunks
  • Chunk of chorizo sausage (however much you fancy, I suppose)
  • An onion, sliced
  • 1/3 can of sweetcorn
  • Handful of diced cucumber
  • Salt and pepper
  • Couscous (~60-70g for one person)
  • 150ml chicken stock

This recipe is really, really simple.As I said, I was just using what I had in my fridge rather than trying to imitate the French dinner we had.

Fry the onion, chicken, chorizo and leek in a pan together – don’t forget to season it! – for about 10 minutes until it is all cooked. Meanwhile, put the couscous in a bowl with the chicken stock and cover. Making sure the chicken is cooked – it shouldn’t take too long as it isn’t in thick chunks – remove the pan from the heat and empty the ingredients into the bowl with the couscous. Add the sweetcorn and cucumber and mix it all together.

I served mine with some pitta bread but that is it! In total, this entire meal cost me about £1.70. Now it isn’t the pot of French “Cassoulet Royale” we frequently enjoy on holiday but I figure that can’t be too hard to make either so I will soon have a recipe for that too.

All the best and have a great day!


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