Back to Uni!

On Tuesday I moved back to Canterbury and into my new house for the year. It is so lovely and right now I am the only person living in it so I have this huge space all to myself. That also means that I have sole use of the kitchen – and that has resulted in huge amounts of cooking!

So far I have made up a batch of sweet potato and carrot tagine, chilli con carne, veggie chilli and vegetable curry. I have also spent my time preparing the huge amounts of meat that I bought. I chopped up 4 steaks into strips for stir-frying, split up a huge pack of bacon, made some meatballs, two beef burgers and today I am preparing all my chicken for the freezer.

Preparing chicken is pretty easy really. I’m not going to lie, just over a year ago I hated touching raw chicken. A lot of people do. It is slimy, squishy and just feels horrid but the more I used it and the more I started preparing it myself the less scared I got. Now I am perfectly happy to deal with it in any form.

Of course, if you don’t want to deal with the squishy-ness you can buy pre-frozen chicken breasts which are very cheap and work great for everything. The downside of these, for me, is you can’t then do a batch of food to freeze as they’ve already been defrosted and it isn’t safe to re-freeze meat after it’s already been frozen/defrosted.

Yesterday and the day before I was cleaning the chicken breasts – this just means cutting off all the little white bits and taking out any veins etc – so they can be used in meals or frozen as they are and I am also preparing drumsticks. I don’t like eating the skin so I take it off. Just hold it at the bone and – with as much force as you feel comfortable – rip the skin down and off.You’d be surprised how therapeutic it can be (however strange that may sound… I’m sane, honest…) These can then now be frozen or cooked and frozen depending on what you do with them.

For the breast meat I left some whole and plain, chopping a few into chunks that I can stirfry later on and putting the rest into curries – the recipe for one can be found here. The drumsticks are being frozen (freshly de-skinned) except for two that I used for my dinner yesterday. With this all now in the freezer, which is considerably less empty than it was when I moved in a few days ago, I am probably set for meat for a good many weeks.

So whilst I spent an awful lot of money in my back to uni shop (over £90 in the end…!) I think that it will work out for me in the end. I reckon that all I will need to buy for the next few weeks will be fresh milk, eggs and vegetables so that shouldn’t come to much at all. I’ll let you know!

Have a great day!


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    • You can get pre-cut frozen chicken so all you do is defrost it and chuck it into your food but that isn’t any good for me as I wouldn’t be able to refreeze stuff! And you get used to it eventually… 😀


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