New-found Admiration…

I have a new-found admiration for the people on committees that spent all day this time last year trying to convince me to join their societies. Having done the same thing myself today, I am amazed that I am still alive and able to walk.

I spent 7 hours on my feet today, along side a hundred or more other volunteers on society committees, talking to people, trying to get their email addresses and sometimes just plain begging them to sign up for things. We ended up saying the same thing over and over again, and I am sure that I will never forget that we have our first social on Monday at 6pm…

By half way through the day, so many people were in the tent that we were boiling and the stink… Well, it wasn’t all that pleasant! We had to shout to be heard by people a foot away from us and consequently I am suffering somewhat with a sore throat now! We also only got one break – and that was to run and get some free dominos pizza when the queue wasn’t too long!

To make things even better, I am doing the same thing again tomorrow but for a different society!

Now, I don’t want sympathy. I chose to be a part of these committees and I love what we do. I just wanted to share the hardships that some of those second and third year uni students faced today whilst the freshers were wandering around, blissfully taking any freebie that was going. I did the same thing last year and I now understand why they looked like they were dying inside.

On a happier note, I came home, had an amazingly healthy dinner (finally!) and am going to spend my evening with my feet up. I have already thought about what I am going to eat tomorrow; I think I will finally get around to having a stir fry. And, my last house-mate moved in yesterday so we finally have a full house!! Hoorah!!