Returning to the World of “Normal”

It has now been a few days since Maria left to go back to Spain but I haven’t really had time to miss her yet as life is in high gear right now. This week has been “welcome week” at my university and as such there has been lots to sort out for the freshers’ fayre that runs today and tomorrow. I am on two society committees so have had double the stuff to think about. With all this going on, eating normally has been quite hard.

In truth, the last few days have been terrible for my normal schedule and eating habits. On Tuesday, when I was coming home from dropping Maria at the airport, I had a M&S pasta pot that really wasn’t tasty. Yesterday, I didn’t even have dinner at all. My entire day of food was cereal for breakfast, onion rings as a mid afternoon snack then two biscuits before going to the cinema to watch Bridget Jones’ baby (which was, by the way, fantastic). As you can see, this is a far cry from my normal sort of eating.

Today, I am going to try and force myself back in to normality (or at least retain the tenuous grip that I pretend to have). I know that I am going to be out all day – and will be having free pizza for lunch – but I am determined to have a real dinner tonight. Looking through my freezer, I think I will have tagine and couscous. Or maybe something else. But I am immensely glad that I went to the effort of pre-cooking all of these dinners.

As for Maria’s opinions on England, I will share those with you very soon but until then, have a great day and spare a thought for those of us who will be on our feet all day talking to freshers….