Another One Down, 11 To Go

Another week has flown by, and the end of 2016 is drawing ever closer – but I am not dwelling on that because it is far too terrifying a thought! Last weekend I was in London (yes… again) with my family to celebrate my sister’s 16th birthday. My present to her was tickets to see Aladdin, which was amazing, and then we went for dinner in China Town.

So, what else did this week hold for me? Not a lot actually! I am fully back into the swing of lectures now and have worked out that, instead of taking the direct bus from my house up to the university, it is faster and more reliable to take a strange round-about route! Societies are still doing socials to try and keep the attention of wide-eyed freshers (many of whom seem to want to do little else than drink) but I am avoiding them as much as possible… My bank account is thanking me for it, too.

Food wise, I had a very good week.

  • Monday: Falafel in pitta bread with salad
  • Tuesday: Jacket potato, coleslaw and baked beans
  • Wednesday: Stuffed peppers
  • Thursday: Lasagne
  • Friday: Paella


My recipe of the week was: falafel. 14610840_1369608419729639_1130047604_n

Today is my flatmate’s birthday (Happy Birthday Judith!) so as her present I made her a box of pepernoten, which are yummy little Dutch biscuits. They sort of taste like a mix between spiced Jamaica cake and gingerbread biscuits and are only eaten in the Netherlands around Christmas (although apparently they are now being sold as early as August!)14608191_1369608499729631_1207803568_n

In my horror story for the week, I came home to find a different flatmate eating this… Left over cold rice with sweet chilli sauce and a torn up slice of ham. To say I was not impressed may be an understatement.

Anyway, I hope you have a great day!


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