The Challenge of an Awkward Timetable

Having just looked at my meals for the week gone, I am very conscious that they all look various shades of red and brown. I swear I am eating healthily, I am just really not that fond of green vegetables and some much of my week has been eating my frozen ready meals – most of which were made last month using an unbelievable number of cans of tinned tomatoes. Just for reference, every dinner I have had this week did have at least 2 of my 5 a day hidden somewhere in there. Promise.

It turns out, much to my surprise, that the thing I am finding hardest this year is lunch. Breakfast is easy; you’ve probably noticed now that all I have is mini weetabix and a glass of milk. Dinner varies depending on if I have to eat on the go (Monday, Tuesday) or if I have time too cook something at home before/after I go out/come back. But my difficult timetable is having a knock on effect on my lunch – I really must have annoyed the timetabler this year as some of the gaps between my lectures are horrific!

Last year when I lived on campus, it was easy for me to go back to my flat and make a quick lunch. It took ten minutes max which left plenty of time to sort out food. This year, though, I live about 25-30 min walk away from campus which means that in an hour break it is just not feasible to go home and get some lunch! Sadly, I am ashamed to say that it means this week I have had some pretty appalling lunches. But I am going to rectify this by making up huge batches of soup so I can take that up to the university and eat something warm, healthy and filling in my breaks.

So what did I eat this week?

  • Saturday – Pork strifry
  • Sunday – Roast dinner
  • Monday – Homemade pizza
  • Tuesday – Vegetable curry
  • Wednesday – Pasta carbonara
  • Thursday – Chicken Katsu
  • Friday – Pasta and ratatouille


I am quite ashamed by the fact I settled on pasta twice this week, but I didn’t get in until later than expected and had to jiggle a few meals round to fit my days but hopefully next week will have more variety! My recipe for this week was Roast Dinner for One (sounds sad but it was great). My total food shop was a whopping £12.84 but I treated myself to a huge pot of custard and a  pair of sticky toffee puddings (yum) and had to replenish my cereal and a few house hold items. I also treated myself to £26 worth of pjs from Primark so a big spend this week! Even so, my bank account is not yet crying so I am doing something right.

Also a quick happy birthday to my friend Ayesha, who turned 20 yesterday!

I hope you all have a great week!