Perfect Pizzas

This may sound obvious but getting takeaway pizza is expensive, with an average size pizza costing between £10-15. It tastes great, we all know how true this is, but unless it is a special occasion I find that it just isn’t worth the money. Plus, if I got a takeaway pizza every time I fancied it then it would definitely lose its charm. You could get the frozen ones but I find they mostly taste like cardboard (except these amazing ones we have when on holiday in France – they are fabulous and if I could I would bring them back by the dozen!) and I always end up putting my own toppings on there anyway.

So, whenever I have a craving for pizza I make my own. It really isn’t that difficult and there are loads of surprisingly creative ways to do it.

  1. Normal bread base: This is what it sounds like. 14699888_1377296895627458_2004241745_nIt is a pretty traditional base made from bread flour and water, kneaded for 5 minutes then rolled out and covered in whatever toppings you fancy. I made this a few weeks ago – literally takes about 10 minutes to make the dough and 15 to cook – and it was great. I put shop-bought tomato sauce, mozerella, sweetcorn, red onion and chicken on it. I think it cost about £1.50 with everything I put on it. Not going to lie, it tasted pretty great too.
  2. Pitta bread base: This is a quick fix solution, great for super fast dinners. Take your pitta bread, toast it for a minute or so then I smothered it with pesto, tomato sauce, cheddar cheese and sweetcorn before putting it under the grill until the cheese had melted. Using two bits of pitta bread, you can make a meal for just under a pound.
  3. Chicken breast base: This is a great way to mix up your pizza and can be done in basically any way you want. Just cook your chicken breast (takes about 20-30 min depending on the size) and when it is almost done put your sauce and cheese on the top then put back under heat until the cheese has melted. My sister loves to do this with bbq sauce and I reckon frying some onions and putting them under the cheese would taste amazing (although she wouldn’t eat it as she hates onions!). I would probably serve this one with chips so it would cost about £1.60-£1.80 depending on what you are putting on it!
  4. 20140519-portobello-pesto-pizza-blog-bannerMushroom base: Do as above (3) but use a giant portobello mushroom for a vegetarian option. This will probably cost 80p-£1.20 depending on if you use one or two mushrooms. (picture from

There is so much else out there that can be used as a base for pizza, just use your imagination and see what you come up with! And try mixing up what you put on your pizza too, I’d love to hear some crazy combinations!

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  1. Hi Nicola,

    I like to use French Bread as a base, either left over from a French Stick I’ve bought for lunch or a cheap partbake. Cut it in half lengthways, top it with tomato paste (value passata is good as its a bit thinner than the one usually used for soups, bolognese sauce and lasagne) and then add whatever else you fancy and grill for about 8-10 minutes to heat everything through.

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