Happy Halloween….

So it is Halloween weekend and I am sure that students up and down the country will be going out to parties to celebrate. Now, this may surprise you if you know me – it may even surprise you if you don’t and only know me through this blog – but I am actually going out to a Halloween party myself tonight. Shock horror, I know.

I’m not amazingly excited, to be completely honest, but it a friend that invited me and we are planning on going into London the next day to shop for fabric so it made sense that I be in the same place as her. Whilst I am sure I will make a great Galadriel (it is a fantasy-book themed party and I couldn’t really think of anyone else), despite having been reminded that I am in fact far too short to be an elf, I reckon that I will spend most of the night just sitting on the sofa, trying to fend off her (EVIL) cats. I don’t drink and I don’t really know too many people going so I am sure it’ll be just great…

14885787_1390297527660728_1473391307_nI am well aware that I really don’t sound enthusiastic. Maybe I should be, but socialising just isn’t my thing. Let’s just move on, shall we? This week has been busy but I have absolutely loved having my sister around and I will miss her now that she’s back home again. I took her into town one day to the Choclate Cafe (one of the nicest places in Canterbury – insider tips!!) and we had an amazing foccacia and chocolate waffle. We did some baking (or at least tried to bake) and made ourselves so red velvet pancakes – cooked in my waffle maker! – and made a yummy marble cake for the bake off final.

Meals wise I had a good week, including a real fun Mexican house meal!  So here we go:

  • Saturday:  Beef burger, beans and chips24oct
  • Sunday: Sausage Cassoulet
  • Monday : Quiche (tasted MUCH better than it may look and was also big enough to feed me at lunch time through to Friday!)
  • Tuesday: Chicken wings and curly fries
  • Wednesday: Chicken Pasta bake
  • Friday: Risotto

My recipe of the week was homemade pizza.

If you go for things like this, enjoy Halloween. If you don’t, much like myself, then grin and bear it. It’ll be over soon and you can enjoy yourself as shops start to shove Christmas down your throat instead. Have a great day!