Remember, Remember…

How does the rest of that rhyme go, again? I seem to have forgotten.

This week has been a busy one, for sure. On Saturday I ran my very first session for the project I lead as part of a university volunteering society. It went surprisingly well and I am much calmer for the rest now. After that, I made my way to a friend’s house to “help” prepare for her Halloween party. In actuality, I sat around for the majority of the afternoon except for when I helped to carve a pumpkin – which we covered in glitter! 14885999_1394404327250048_373763401_nIt was supposed to be a vampire, because you know nothing is scarier than the sparkly vampires from Twilight. I was constantly reminded that I was the world’s smallest Galadriel and half way through the evening I became the chick from Game of Thrones that is obsessed with dragons (by this point I had been cuddling a fluffy toy dragon for the past hour so it seemed fitting, despite the fact I have never read nor seen GoT). I barely knew the people that turned up, having met all of them less than twice, but it was okay…. I just won’t be overly keen to go socialise any time soon again.

14914733_1393368334020314_1931005845_nSunday I went into London with the same friend and was basically ordered by my mother to buy some fabric for my Victorian dress that we are making for me. The fabric I got was a lovely red/burgundy-ish silk which ended up costing a huge total of £72… As if I needed further proof that re-enacting isn’t the best way to make one’s money last. Still, it means that I am getting a custom made Victorian dress for about £125 in total. Plus. Whilst in Brick Lane in London, we had the nicest plate of food that I think I have ever had from a food market. I can’t even remember what the fusion was (Indian and Bangladeshi maybe?) but my god it was fabulous. There was flavoured rice, lentil dahl, halumi curry, garlic chicken curry, spinach, olives and feta, onion salad, garlic yoghurt and a popadom. Seriously, it was so amazing. This is why I love foreign food. I am definitely going to go back and find this food stall again and I recommend you do too!

Since then, I have had to contact our landlord about having no hot water for the third time this month (the boiler is fixed now, in case you were wondering, but we are just counting the days til it fails again), do my weekly shop on a Tuesday (clearly I was a little too busy at the weekend to fit this in and it has totally thrown off my schedule!), install our new wifi router, fit in “employability talks” around my lectures (these have actually been very useful for what I want to do after my degree) and try find time to go into town to post a letter&card to my penpal in Sweden, whose birthday it is tomorrow! Hopefully she won’t be too disappointed that the card is late! Keep in mind that I still had my normal lectures and society meetings too!

Planning a meal around this rather hectic schedule – and the fact that I had barely any fresh food until Tuesday – was difficult but I managed it anyway! Here is what I had to eat this week:31-oct

  • Saturday: Buffet nibbles
  • Sunday: That gorgeous curry was my main meal of the day
  • Monday: Vegetable curry and bombay potatoes (yes, curry again but I was feeding a friend as well who I’d promised curry to and realistically I could eat it every day as there are so many variations)
  • Tuesday: Chilli con carne, rice and salad
  • Wednesday: Lamb “kebabs” with sweet potato chips
  • Thursday: Jacket potato with coleslaw
  • Friday: Cheesy vegetable pasta bake

Lunch was varied this week, actually. I had cheese on toast a few days, Mediterranean flavoured couscous, crumpets and sandwiches. I also made a cheesecake using left over bits in my fridge but that was gone in two evenings because, if you didn’t know, cheesecake is probably my favourite dessert. Ever.

I didn’t have a recipe of the week this week, instead a little post about my trip to Margate.

Of course, I have it! Remember, remember, the fifth of November, gun powder, treason and plot… This evening, my flat mates and I are going to be playing with sparklers to celebrate Guy Fawkes’ day. Hopefully we will have some fun pictures to share with you later, hope you have a great day!