A Different Kind of Remembrance

Last week we remembered Guy Fawkes’ failed attempt to blow up parliament with great fireworks displays and bonfires galore. As it turned out, the entity of Canterbury had sold out of sparklers by the time that my friend went to buy them so I ordered some in and we are going to have fun drawing pictures with them tonight instead! I promise that the pictures are on the way.

british-soldiers-eating-rations-battle-of-the-somme_0But tomorrow, tomorrow we remember something much more important. This year marks the centenary of the Battle of the Somme, possibly the worst loss the British Army ever faced. Over 400,000 British Commonwealth soldiers were injured or killed. Not to say that all others involved didn’t face disastrous losses; this was on of the biggest examples of wasted life in history. I can never put into words how I feel about what happened a century ago but I can say without any doubt that it must never be forgotten.

As far as I know, my family hasn’t lost anyone through fighting in the many Wars but that doesn’t mean that I don’t observe my two minutes silence. Everyone’s moments of silence are personal and individual, so I don’t expect everyone to agree with me, but I’m not thankful to the people that lost their lives. I don’t feel proud that they died to ensure the freedom of my country. It was a waste of life and should never have happened. In my silence, I remember what happened and remind myself how important it is that it never happens again. Next time, my family might not be so lucky and someone we love and hold dear could be the victim of a stupid war. sherwood-foresters-cooking-bacon-beans-in-dixies-nov-1916-nr-st-pierre-divion-c-iwm-imperial-war-museums

With all that has happened this year, all the hated and fear that has emerged as world politics takes a surprisingly sharp turn, it is important to remember that we are all humans. People may have different views to us, they may have supported another Presidential candidate or held a contrasting viewpoint on Brexit, they may not be natives or may hold religious views you don’t understand but we have to stick together. It is our differences that make us special and we should not persecute or fight because of them. They should be embraced and accepted and if you can’t manage that then you should keep your mouth shut. Intolerance can only lead to another war. All the lessons we should have learnt from the previous years of death and destruction would have been ignored. Our soldiers deaths will have been in vain. More than they already are.

With all this in mind, my weekly round-up feels almost mute. Dwelling on the past does us little good, though. We must learn our lessons, remember our losses and carry on. And so, my week has really been pretty good. My Victorian skirt has been made and I now have all my kit for the Dicken’s ball in a few weeks time. Uni work is going well. Today I was helping to sort “Christmas shoe boxes” that are being sent around the world to help make someone’s Christmas. screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-2-48-21-pm-432x243Let’s not forget that Planet Earth II started last weekend on the BBC and it was amazing. If you ever need reminding how special this world is, they have certainly managed to put together something spectacular that shows what a strange and diverse planet we have.

Food has been a bit hit a miss this week. I’ve been under the weather so I’ve been very much eating what I want rather than what was on my menu. Still, it has been a decent week:

  • Saturday: Chilli prawn linguine
  • Sunday: “Roast Dinner” (Chicken drumstick, new potatoes, carrots and a yorkie pud)
  • Monday: BBQ chicken and salad
  • Tuesday: Sweet potato, carrot and potato tagine
  • Wednesday: Curry and naan bread
  • Thursday: Sweet potato and red onion risotto
  • Friday: Chilli con Carne

I don’t have much else to say. Remember them.


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