Christmas Has Arrived

It is now December and I can no longer complain about the sensory overload that Christmas has become.15282047_1428010617222752_375275875_n That being said, I really do love Christmas. It is, without doubt, one of my favourite times of year. Walking through town, I love the smells of the pies and puddings and all the great food, the lights and decorations and the music. I don’t mind the cold – although it has to be the Southern kind of cold, cold meaning around 5-10C, not the Northern kind that means -5. Which, by the way, I experienced when I was up in Liverpool last weekend.

So, my week has been hectic! To be honest, I can’t really remember much of Monday or Tuesday; I was exceptionally tired after the Liverpool trip and may have only just gotten over sleep deprivation. 15240092_1428009747222839_98417689_nThat being said, it was a really interesting trip. I got to spend a day in the morgue, had talks by specialists in their fields and (whilst I am really scared of dogs) got to watch a great demonstration by a cadaver dog searching for blood and bone. It was funny really, the dog became obsessed with a door and kept going back to it until one of the women that work there remembered that there were actually 4 bodies in the deep freezer which was where the dog was indicating. We could literally smell nothing but the dog (called Ninja) was able to recognise them through body bags and a thick door! What surprised me most was how warm the morgue was, though. I mean, it wasn’t the kind of warm that you get when you walk into your house from the cold outdoors, but it was definitely a comfortable temperature!

Anyway, enough about the morgue! As it is now December, our living room has been decorated with paper chains (which keep falling down from the ceiling) and tinsel galore (I found some tinsel that has storm troopers and darth vader which is hanging proudly around our notice board) and we even have a tiny little tree!

My food this week has been interesting. I’m trying to empty out what I have in my freezer – after all, meat doesn’t last forever! – so over the next few weeks you may end up noticing a lot of beef and pork! Also, you may notice that I had a really cheeky dominos on Wednesday. It cost a lot (as dominos always does) but it fed me Wednesday night, Thursday lunch time and there is still enough for four more cold dinners/lunches in the freezer – because, yes, you can freeze dominos!

  • Saturday – Curry (cooked by my aunty, and it was yummy)
  • Sunday – KFC burrito (this was actually my lunch, and I am sure I had something to eat when I finally got back home sunday evening, i just can’t for the life of me remember what that was!)28nov.jpg
  • Monday – Chinese beef stir fry
  • Tuesday – Tomato and onion pasta bake
  • Wednesday – Dominos!
  • Thursday – Pork and apple casserole and mash
  • Friday – DICKEN’S BALL

So, after a long time waiting, lots of money spent on fabric and many hours spent by my friend Cecilia putting together our outfits, yesterday was the Dicken’s ball and today was the Dicken’s festival. Pictures will be coming, I promise! I had an absolutely fab time, and the only sad thing is that I will end up missing the Strictly Quarter Final tonight and have to wait until tomorrow to watch the finale of Class – on a side note, if you haven’t seen that, get on it! It’s fabulous! I hope you’ve all been watching Planet Earth 2 as well. That really is great.

Apart from all that, life has been going fine and I hope yours has been too. I am going to post a recipe for my Pork and apple casserole in a few days so watch this space! Have a really great day!