One of the best/worst parts of Christmas is definitely the shopping for presents. It is always hard to know what to get your friends and family, and if you do know what you want to give then it is almost always too expensive! I know, the holidays aren’t about presents but lets be real for a moment – everyone judges what you give them, even if they don’t mean to.

I always try to go for something personal. I am lucky in the fact that I sometimes remember strange things and can make presents a joke on that memory. Remember the k confetti I filled Isobel’s birthday box with? This year, my strangest present will definitely go to my friend Ayesha (who I don’t think knows about this blog!). I will be giving her something I made in one of my lectures, which was on the distribution of blood droplets. Let’s just keep it at that for now. Yes, she already thinks I am going to be a murderer. May as well keep up appearances 😀

disneyA large proportion of gifts I give are often hand made, because they are more special but also because they are cheaper. I am lucky that I am reasonably competent when it comes to arts and crafts. Last year I made my sister a little Walt Disney World castle (I am proud to say that I took that picture of the original castle!) out of a weetabix box. I often make up large batches of biscuits and then give them out to my friends as their presents (which was exceptionally useful when trying to give gifts to a group of 15!) Perhaps my favourite gift was a handmade manual on how to make our old TV work for my dad – filled with exceptionally sarcastic comments, as one would expect!

This year I have once again gone down the hand-made route but obviously can’t tell you what yet in case people read it! But, that being said, there are more models, pictures, cards and a whole host of other things going on too. I am excited to see how they all go down! Have a great day and don’t worry too much, presents aren’t the end of the world. I once gave someone 3kg of pasta. They loved it. Expectations aren’t always as high as you may think.