A Well Deserved Break

I am back home with my family for Christmas now, hooray! This week has been both extremely busy and extremely not. As all students can understand, this has been a week of deadlines and I also had a timed assessment for my law module. Thankfully, as a science subject, I didn’t have to write any essays but I have been surrounded by the stress of those who have. But in other news, we went to see Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them in the on campus cinema (£5.30 a ticket!) and it was great. Yesterday I also went to see Rogue One with my mum and my sister and oh boy was it good.

Food this week has been literally clearing out any fresh food or stuff in the freezer that needed eating (remember that they recommend meat only stays frozen for a few months – who they are, I do not know but they must put nice little symbols on the inside of the freezer door for a reason). I have enjoyed:

  • Saturday: Sweet potato falafel (didn’t really work all that well, I ended up with sweet potato mush but it was tasty)
  • Sunday: Pork, mash, roast onions, yorkshire pudding, stuffing and gravy
  • Monday – Sweet potato and spinach lasagne
  • Tuesday – Buffet at society party (dominos pizza, sausage rolls, cocktail sausages, biscuits, cakes etc!)
  • Wednesday – Beef stirfry and noodles
  • Thursday – Cheese, baked bean and onion quesadilla
  • Friday – Pulled chicken burgers

Before I go back I will have to do a big shop to get me through the next term but I think I have done reasonably well this term. I hope that you guys have too. Hopefully after the new year I will have lots of new recipes ready to put up for you so that you can expand your repertoire and try new things!

I may or may not write again until after Christmas so have a great holiday and don’t forget to take some time to relax!


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