New Year, New Me?

The holidays are over and everyone has their resolutions all sorted and ready to break – I mean, try hard to keep… I normally tell people I don’t do resolutions and, to be honest, it is generally true. I set myself daily, weekly and monthly goals instead because I find those far more realistic than one big goal like lose a stone or go to x-place or do y-thing. Realistically, if I want to do something I don’t need to have it looming over my head to remind me. I’ll generally do it anyway. (FYI, none of my goals this year include losing weight. Not that you really care but I am happy as I am and know that eating as I do I will continue to stay this weight for the foreseeable future)


January’s PDF Recipe – slow cooked beef stew

So, is there a new me in sight? I very much doubt it. But, there is a new thing in store for all of you! Each month I am going to put up a PDF recipe of something that I think is really suited to that month. So, the January recipe is slow cooked beef stew. When I made it, I kinda forgot to write down exactly how much of what I was using (I have a tendency to do that…) so this is as best as I can remember it. I hope you enjoy it! Share it with your friends and let me know what you think!

I don’t have much else to share, other than this; As usual, when I came back to university I did a huge shop to basically set me up for most of the term. I got a lot of meat and a lot of vegetables so my freezer drawer is currently packed like the tightest game of Tetris ever played. Since coming back, I’ve made myself 2 separate types of curry, chili con carne and beef stew. I also plan on making a sweet potato tagine but there is NO room to keep it at the moment, so that’s been put on a back bench. I also cleaned and chopped up a kilo of chicken, 6 chicken thighs, mince, 300g of pork and 500g of bacon. I’m sure there is something else in the freezer too but it is a little to packed for me to fancy going and digging through it!

I also came back to uni with a very exciting new addition to the kitchen – a bread maker! My first attempt failed ever so slightly (read the instructions properly, kids) but the second was amazing and I ate the last of it today. After a few days it still tasted great and I can’t wait to set my next loaf on – waking up to the smell of fresh bread is indescribably amazing!

Not a lot else to share other than, if you have time, go and see Moana! It’s a great film and the soundtrack has been circling around my head now for weeks. If it wasn’t so good it would be quite annoying to have it stuck in my brain but I love it so there! Yeah… Have a great day!


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