Back In The Swing

This week was the first week of my second term and it’s been okay actually. I got a couple of marks back from assessments and assignments that we did before Christmas and I am pretty happy with how I am doing. Kinda sadly, whoever wrote the timetable for this term clearly has something against forensic scientists as they have given us 9ams every day save one and filled the rest of our week with stupid gaps that aren’t quite long enough to make going home worth it (but I go anyway because… well…. food).

That aside, I’ve had a pretty normal food week although I have noticed that I am snacking a little more than usual. I suppose knowing that I have biscuits around and making cheesecake isn’t really helping but it is something I’m going to try and curb! Still, walking up the hill to uni at least twice a day may well counter the junk food so I’m not all that worried.

My menu this week was:

  • Saturday: Stuffed peppers
  • Sunday: Sweet potato tagine
  • Monday: Chilli con carne (cold but still yummy)
  • Tuesday: Chicken curry (only slightly cold)
  • Wednesday: Baked fish with potatoes, tomatoes, red pepper and onions
  • Thursday: Lentil and fish coconut dahl
  • Friday: Lasagne and garlic bread

The recipe of the week was a one pot meal, texan hash.

In other news, I signed up to Odeon Limitless this week and have already been to see enough films that this month it has paid for itself! And in about an hour’s time I will be watching La La Land for the second time with my flatmate. I figured since I don’t spend money on drinking or going out that I had the cash to spare and this is something that will a) get me out the house when I am stressed and b) let me see the films that I wouldn’t normally go and pay to see. Win win as far as I can see.

Did people watch Sherlock last weekend too? Some of my friends came around to our house and we sat in the dark with hot chocolate (and marshmallows!) watching it and sort of freaking out – only a little, of course. It was a goodun for sure, although definitely a little weird! Anyway, have a great week!