Well, That Went Quickly…

January has kind of flown by, hasn’t it! It has been a strange week, I can tell you. As I’ve said before my timetable is odd – I mean, what did I do to deserve days where my only lectures are 9-10am and 5-6pm? Anyway, with all these long gaps in my day I have started to feel as though I am cramming two days in to one. If that makes sense? I do my morning lectures, go home, eat, do some work and then sit around for a bit. Mid afternoon I will go out again and start again and it is messing with my brain. Wednesday morning I woke up thinking that the day after would be Saturday…

Anyway, my dodgy internal clock aside it has been a semi okay week. Focusing on the positives, I got some lab scripts back from last term along with some assessments that we’ve been waiting for for ages and I was pleased with my marks so that’s all good.

Yesterday was Eurovision: You Decide, and that was… well, less fun that we thought because none of the songs sounded like traditional Eurovision; no big key changes, dodgy pop dancing, weird instruments. There were too many ballads for my taste and none went anywhere. Still. The woman that the UK has chosen did have the best voice by far (and had a super impressive CV – west end shows AND had been in The Sarah Jane Adventures?!)

On a very sad note, John Hurt has died. I loved his voice so much. I shall, later today, watch something he was in in memory of him. So sad.

So food this week, I had:

  • Saturday: Vegetable Thai curry
  • Sunday: Chicken fajitas
  • Monday: Chilli con Carne for a late lunch, Sausage and sweetcorn quiche for dinner
  • Tuesday: Chicken curry and chips for another late lunch, more cold quiche for dinner
  • Wednesday: Tomato and chorizo risotto
  • Thursday: Mince curry and poached egg
  • Friday: Homemade BBQ chicken pizza

My weekly shop cost slightly more than normal but the price of my cereal has gone up for £2 (or £2.50 when not on “sale”) to £2.65 :0 And I brought some pre-cooked chicken to have with my lunch because I wanted something different. Still, I’m hardly breaking the bank here!

Now I must dash, got to get into town and run a story telling session in town. See ya!