Home for the Weekend

So this weekend I have gone home to surprise my sister for the final night of her school production of Billy Eliot. My grandad and his wife are also coming down to see it so it should be a fun evening and a nice chance to see them again. This week has dragged. A lot of my lectures were rearranged which gave me horrid gaps of just sitting around. They weren’t quite long enough to really get into anything because I knew I needed to leave again. Oh well.

In other news… There really isn’t much news.

My shop last weekend cost me the grand total of £5.70, a pound of which was spent on a really yummy treacle tart. So yeah. Honestly, guys, living well on not a lot of money is pretty easy. My menu was as so:

  • Saturday: Paella
  • Sunday: Beef stew and chips
  • Monday: Chilli con carne and rice
  • Tuesday: Cold pasta bake
  • Wednesday: “Southern fried” chicken thighs
  • Thursday: Baked sweet potato and coleslaw

Hope you all have a great week 🙂