Practically Unrecognisable

You may or may not have noticed that my blog now has a new theme, let me know what you think. I’m still messing around with bits and bobs so please forgive me if links stop working!

Anyway, it has been a really good week. My sister’s show was actually amazing, not least because they managed to keep their Northern accents going practically the whole night! (Trust me when I say that it is hard for a Southerner to do a Northern accent without descending into some weird mix of Irish and Indian!) The show was so good that the local paper did an article on it and boy did the journalist sing the school’s praises. It was definitely deserved though, as always.

On Saturday morning I went to the cinema to see “Lion” which was really emotional. I was alright for the first half but from about an hour in I was basically always crying. Still, it was a really decent film and one of the few nominated films I have seen that I think actually deserves some of the awards it’s won.

Sunday I came home (after a really good roast dinner – thanks parents!). The rest of the week has passed without any major hitches.


I met Brendan Cole!! Also, isn’t the cathedral pretty at night?

On Wednesday evening, though, I had a spectacular evening. I went to the Marlowe Theatre and saw Brendan Cole’s new show, All Night Long. We booked the tickets way back in September or October (I can’t remember!) and I was so excited that it had finally come around. He and five other dancers put on the most amazing show, backed up by a group of amazing musicians, and Phoebe and I had such a great time. We waited behind at the stage door afterwards and got to have our photo taken with Brendan (I also got my programme signed!) so that just made the night even better.

Yesterday I went to the cinema in the evening to see The Great Wall. Hardly the best of films but it was a fun way to spend my night none the less. I even managed to sneak in my dinner!

Looking ahead, I have a feeling that the next few weeks are going to get very busy and potentially very stressful. I have a lot of things coming up, deadlines for one, but not everything will be bad. Positive things: I have an assessment day for ICS coming up (more to come on this topic should it all go well!), a 12 hour read-a-thon for World Book Day where I will be dressed as super-villain Poison Ivy in a bid to raise money for a local charity and then my Easter holiday in the not-so-distance future. Negative: pretty much everything else.

Still, I’ll make it through! I’ve had a kind of limited set of meals this week, mainly because I have been running around like a little bit of a headless chicken. Even so, I managed to eat well and had a pretty balanced set of dinners:

  • Saturday – pasta bake and “comfort pie” (cheesy potatoes with leeks and peas, I think… It’s my mum’s recipe so I’d have to ask!)
  • Sunday – roast lamb
  • Monday – chili beans and sausage pasta bake
  • Tuesday – Monday’s left overs
  • Wednesday – tomato and chorizo risotto
  • Thursday – chicken chow mein
  • Friday – falafel with salad in pitta bread


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