Umm… March?!

So it occurred to me the other day that I kind of forgot to put up the recipe of the month for February. What can I say, it’s been busy around here! I promise that by next week I will have the recipe written up, you’ll just have to wait a little longer!

This last week has been a really busy one! On Tuesday I went into London for my ICS-Y Care International assessment day. I’ll tell you what; I check my emails pretty obsessively anyway but the last few days have been madness. I keep refreshing every time I look at my phone (we’re talking multiple times an hour!) and I think as with so many matters the wait to hear something back is the worse part of anything!

On Thursday, I took part in a 12 hour read-a-thon in aid of Give A Book for World Book Day. I dressed up as supervillain Poison Ivy (the looks I got when I got on the bus were amazing!) and stood around reading Richelle Mead’s Frostbite for hours. I think I was reading out loud for about 7 hours in total (and proudly managed to get all the way through the book – hence why I look so tired by the end!). We had readings by our university Hogwarts and Poetry societies too, which meant we got to have a little break to eat dinner! It was a great day and there was so much support for everyone that took part. It is amazing to see sometimes that people you don’t know get behind you on a cause. We don’t know how much we raised in total yet, but we are estimating between £400-£500! Such a worthwhile day!

Those were understandably the highlights of my week. What else is there to say? Not all that much! My menu this week has been pretty simple:

  • Sunday: Stir Fry
  • Sunday: Lentil, sweet potato, carrot dahl/tagine thing
  • Monday: Bulgogi style pork
  • Tuesday: (microwave) Curry and rice (I am so ashamed to have succumbed to the minute and half microwave dinner but it had been a long day….)
  • Wednesday: Sausages, roast potatoes, veg, yorkshire pudding
  • Thursday: Pulled pork and burger with curly fries and coleslaw (it was yummy!!)
  • Friday:Kung Pao Chicken