Start of a Fantastic new Journey

I know it is late but it’s just such exciting news that I couldn’t wait to let people know. I have been accepted onto the International Citizenship Service programme and have been partnered with Y-Care International.Days of obsessively checking my emails can finally come to an end!

What is ICS? For those of you who don’t know, ICS works with communities that specifically request their help and aims to inspire young people in and out of the UK to become active citizens. I will be volunteering overseas in West Africa over the summer on this amazing programme and I am so excited!

The first part of my challenge is to raise £800 which goes towards the work of Y-Care International and their ICS partners. The money goes towards the overall costs of ICS and ensures that they can continue to send youth volunteers to the developing world. It all makes a real difference in these disadvantaged countries.The programme itself is 90% funded by the Department for International Development (a UK government deparment) and the other 10% is raised by volunteers like me to ensure that it can run in the future. Amazingly, £8million has been raised by ICS volunteers which is insane!

So what will I be doing to fundraise? Among other things, I plan to make some (hopefully) gorgeous canvas bags to sell for funds and do a sponsored week without music (which will undoubtedly lead to a very angsty Nicola – more than normal!) Music is a huge part of my life and I think that, as silly as it may sound, giving up my iPod, record player, radio and youtube for a week will almost certainly kill me. Anyone that knows me will certainly vouch for how hard that will be for me but really you should be feeling sorry for the people that are going to have to be around me that week. Other than that, we will see what happens!

Honestly, anything you can donate will make a huge difference to the lives of people living in the disadvantaged countries that ICS works with. If you want to donate to my page you can find it here:

I will be sharing my journey on this blog so please stay tuned for (many) updates and any support you can give will be so greatly received. Good night!


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