Home for the Weekend

It was my birthday on Wednesday! I am officially no longer a teenager but I still don’t quite feel like an adult yet (that being said, I do all my own shopping, washing, cooking and am the lead tenant of our house and deal with literally every thing). I got loads of fabulous presents and cards from my friends, we sat and watched Mulan (which was also very fitting as my birthday is on International Women’s day and nothing is more empowering than watching Mulan save China!!) and ate a LOT of Chinese. It was wonderful.There was also so much left that I’ve been eating noodles for lunch for the past few days!

As the title of the post suggests, I’ve come home this weekend to see my family. I’m spending my day today in town with my sister and then seeing Hidden Figures (a film I’ve wanted to see for ages now but hasn’t been showing in Canterbury Odeon). On films, this week I have already been and seen Hacksaw Ridge (amazingly inspiring) and Kong: Skull Island (good fun, Tom hiddleston <3) . Tomorrow we are going to Chessington World of Adventures which is always fun. Me and dodgems are a violent mix!

I don’t have that much other news, apart from the big reveal that will be posted in a couple of hours!!