Fundraising Chronicles Vol I

Fundraising is a scary word. At least I think it is, especially when you have such a large target looming over you. I realised yesterday evening that – somewhat scarily – I have spent at least part of every hour of every day for the past few weeks thinking about it.  I mean, that’s great that I’m taking it so seriously but it is starting to mess with my head a little!

As part of ICS, I have to reach a target of £800 to prove that I am dedicated to the project. Along the way, the challenge of raising that much money helps me to learn more about myself, where my skills lie and where they clearly don’t and also spread the word of what is a truly great programme.

At the moment, I am running a raffle. Getting prizes for it was surprisingly easy. People have been so generous and have donated some great prizes after just a short email or message. It really is great. I’ve had people donate alcohol, food vouchers, cinema tickets, paintball vouchers, entrance into clubs… The list is actually pretty long! I’m just trying to get tickets sold at the moment which does mean shamelessly self promo-ing.


That is probably what I am finding the hardest. Approaching people and asking for donations to the raffle itself was easy. Actually approaching my friends and acquaintances is surprisingly harder. You may have gathered that I am not the most social person and going out of my way to ask for something really is out of my comfort zone. After all, though, that is the whole point of doing this.

What else… You may remember the pictures of us painting bags? We are over half way done now and have a huge range of designs! We’ve done free hand painting, stencils, potato printing… Literally everything. We’ve also managed to make quite a good mess whilst doing it, so nothing new there (at least on my part!). Here are just a few of my favourites so far:

Basically, its busy around here even though term is coming to a close. I’ve still got assessments due but I am counting down the days until we break up because it means I am almost going on holiday! Over Easter I will be relaxing in Marrakesh, trying not to burn and not thinking about anything. No exams. No fundraising. No stress. Then I can come back and dive straight back into everything.  Good luck me!

Anyway, if you want to follow my ICS journey, donate or buy one of my bags, check out my pages.