Back Again

So I got back from Marrakesh last night and after a very long diversion we finally arrived home around 1.30am – making it a very long, tiring day. Surprisingly, though, I actually don’t feel that tired and am pretty much feeling the same as normal, maybe just slightly more relaxed. For the last week I have sat around reading, writing, ace-ing sudoku puzzles and eating. Lots of eating.

During the week I also went into the heart of Marrakesh twice. That was scary. Eye opening, but very scary. Wandering around the souks was hot and sticky, seriously cramped, full of all sorts of wasps (they seemed to like the sticky sweet desserts over the huge lumps of meat that hung from the ceiling) and unlike any maze or labyrinth that I have ever seen. Taking three right turns doesn’t, as you’d expect, take you back to where you’d started; nope, you end up somewhere completely different. You could easily get lost there and disappear forever!

That being said, the souks were also pretty amazing. The variety of colourful scarves and dresses, immensely intricate pieces of metal work (I kid you not, there was an actual bath tub… How you’d ever get that home I don’t know…!) and all manner of pottery and wood work was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I sincerely doubt you’d see anything like it Europe.

Still, the way of approaching business is so different. I know that people have to make a living but jumping on tourists, trying to persuade them to buy something they don’t want, and bartering is not the way I am comfortable approaching business. If not for having my dad around, I’m not sure I would have survived there.

I did get some gorgeous pashmina scarves in the market, though. I did plan on giving them to my friends as souvenirs but they are just too nice so I’ve kept them (although my mum and sister each took one from the haul too). The guy originally wanted to sell them to us for 220 dh each (and we wanted 5!) but in the end we managed to get him to agree to 320 dh for the whole lot. So that was a good deal, in my mind at least!

The worst thing about our holiday was the fact I missed the start of the new Doctor Who series. Worry not, we are catching up tonight!

My plan now? Well, I need to revise for my exams but I am going to break that up by going out and playing flute for a few patients at our local hospice. I am also going to go to the cinema and watch a few films (Guardians of the Galaxy 2 comes out soon!). Maybe meet up with a few friends whilst I am home. But really, that is about it.

In other news, I have been thinking a little more about my week of hell in aid of ICS and Y Care International. Have a read about it here.

That’s about it, so have a good week!