The Adventure Begins…

This evening/early tomorrow morning, I will be meeting up with the other ICS volunteers as we prepare to board our plane and head to Sierra Leone! It’s been both a long and a short journey getting here. It feels so long ago that I applied for a space on ICS. It’s only been 4 months since I went to my applicant day and yet that feels like a distant memory now. I guess with exams, uni, general life – and everything that has gone along with ICS like the training weekend, getting vaccinated, buying all my supplies etc. – that time has just slipped away.

I honestly don’t know how I feel right now; I’m scared and nervous, obviously. I’m going to a brand new country with people I don’t really know but I guess we are all in the same boat there. I’m also going to miss my family and friends, that is for sure. Hopefully, though, I’ll get on with my fellow volunteers and I am sure that my host family will welcome me with open arms. Well, I hope so.

It’s not all negative emotions, though. I don’t think. Of course, I’m excited to be going somewhere new. Half the point of this for me was to go and experience a way of life that is totally different from my own. I’m looking forward to learning about how others live their day to day lives and seeing whether I actually can cope with the slow pace that they seem to enjoy. For all my complaining, and my uni flatmates will certainly attest to the fact I do complain a lot, I do enjoy the busy life and it will be a challenge, I’m sure, for me not to be constantly connected. My mind is like a busy hive and, whilst I like and need to take breaks now and then, the slower road may not be for me. But we will see!

Anyway, I’m all packed up – my suitcases are sitting ready and I’m going over the lists again and again in my head to see if I’ve missed anything. Which I probably have. Fingers crossed it’s nothing important; then again, if I have forgotten about it then it probably isn’t worth worrying about.

I’ve spent the morning downloading music, tv programmes and films so I will have something to keep me sane (everyone that knows me knows that, as much as I love my books – and trust me there are plenty of those coming with me too – that sometimes it is best just to let me zone out and watch my tv!!). All in all, I think I’m ready. Probably.

You can probably sense the nervousness in this post. It’s kind of all hit me now that I am actually going to do this and part of my brain is realising that it is too late to back out now! I doubt that I’ll be able to post anything while I am out there but when I get back in September I am sure that I will have many stories and interesting things to share with everyone.

Thanks to everyone that has given me support over the last few months; my love to you all. To my friends that wish me safe travels, don’t panic; I really am going to try not to get ill or in too much trouble! That being said, you know my luck…