About Me

My name is Nicola and I am 19 years old from England. I am well into my second year at university and am studying Forensic Science (which is far more complex than CSI would lead you to believe! Honestly, my lecturer almost cried when someone mentioned it and went on a long spiel about how inaccurate it was…).

Outside of my degree I have been involved with a university volunteering society that works with children and I have always been involved with a lot of musical groups too. I love food, as you may have already guessed, and I always feel very happy when a good meal comes together. In the future, when I’ve got more money, I’d love to travel the world to taste the foods that other cultures offer.

What is this blog about?

It is going to be a collection of lots of different things, I think. Mostly it will be about food, showing you that you can indeed eat well and healthily at university on a student loan, but will also hopefully prove that by planning meals a week in advance you have enough money to go out and socialise (I don’t go out drinking, which is a definite factor in the longevity of my loan, but I certainly have spent my money on other important things like travelling and clothes).

Why did I start this blog?

To be honest, the suggestion of starting this blog came from a member of my family. A number of my friends who have yet to start university have asked me how I managed to cope so easily this year when most students struggle to make their loan reach past the first week. I came to the conclusion that it would save me a lot of time in repeated conversations to just write down my advice and let people read it themselves.