A Few Of My Favourite Things…

Firstly, I want to say a big thank you to all my friends and family that donated to my raffle. It raised over £100 which is a huge chunk of my ICS target! There is no rest for the wicked though as I am already planning my next event and it is the kind of thing that everyone likes: watching someone else in misery. You sadists. 

There are a few things I rely on to get me through my days. Without them, I would undoubtedly go insane. So what things make my life easier?

  • Music: I listen to music every day. I like to have it in the background when I’m studying or procrastinating. I listen to it in the morning to kick start my day and then in the evenings to relax after a long day. I rarely go out without my iPod and I don’t think I can actually remember a day in recent years where I’ve not either had my iPod, iTunes or YouTube going at some point.
  • TV and Films: If I’m not listening to music, I probably have the tv on. It’s the same thing, I like background noise and it keeps me calm. I watch my shows pretty obsessively (some more than others) and go to the cinema pretty much every week. 
  • Chocolate: I’m sure you can identify. When you’ve had a bad days all you want is something chocolatey to make it better. My flat mate gave up all chocolate and sweets and pudding for lent this year (it’s been hard on her, especially when she made me a chocolate cake for my birthday and couldn’t have any herself) so I’ve seen how hard going without can be.
  • Food: More generally, knowing what I am going to eat every day is calming to me. I set my weeks out in weekly menus, know exactly what I’m having, when I need to cook it… it’s all a part of my timetable and I find the stability relaxing. 

You can probably guess where this is going. In aid of ICS and Y Care International, I am going to put myself through a personal week of hell where I give up all of these things. The exact week hasn’t been decided but it will probably be the 7-14 May. No music, no tv, no chocolate. Obviously I am not giving up food but my flat mate is going to take over cooking dinner for a week so I have no say in my meals, when we eat or what we have. 

My prediction is that the first day will be okay. I’ll be motivated and good to do it for a great cause. By day two or three, that enthusiasm will have undoubtedly failed. By day four or five, I’ll be so on edge that no one will want to be within a ten mile radius of me for fear that I’ll break. Then when the week is over, I’ll either be dead or victorious and will celebrate with a walk to the cinema, plugged into my iPod, eating chocolate fingers and going home to a meal of my choice. We’ll just have to wait and see but don’t worry; I’ll be documenting it all so you can watch my descent into madness. 

The hope is that you lovely people will see me suffering and donate to my fundraising to make my pain worthwhile. If you don’t, at least I can say I survived a (horrible) week without my favourite things.