Soup Glorious Soup!

As you may have read in my weekly round-up last week, I have been struggling somewhat with my lunches. Deciding that I had had enough of either paying extortionate amounts for a sandwich from the university cafe or facing another boring lunch of slightly off bread and a few biscuits, this week I made a change. At the weekend I made up two batches of soup and plan to alternate between the two.

Soup is easy to take with me, doesn’t make much mess and is pretty easy to keep warm – something that I am sure I will appreciate as the weather gets colder. My two soups this week are Broccoli, Cauliflower and Cheddar and Bacon and Red Lentil. Both are exceptionally easy to make taste great.

  • Broccoli, Cauliflower and Cheddar: Take the florets from a tree of broccoli and cauliflower and put them in a pan along with a large onion cut into chunks. Cover the vegetables with vegetable stock and add in 50g of grated cheddar (which is the expensive bit!). Season. Keep over a low-medium heat until the vegetables are soft then blend until smooth. A whole batch costs about £1.60 and this will easily do 4-5 lunches.
  • Bacon and Red Lentil: Chop 2-3 pieces of bacon into small pieces and fry for a few minutes with a large diced onion. Add 1000ml of stock and add 175g of red lentils. Leave for 30-45 minutes and then blend. A whole batch costs about £1.20 – I use cheap bacon, the stuff that isn’t quite cut into the right thickness so supermarkets sell it in big batches for uber cheap – and again this will probably do 4-5 lunches. (I know it looks terrible but it really does taste good)

Along with this, I am going to make a few bread rolls to have with my soup. I am probably going to make just one the night before so I always have a nice fresh roll with my soup. To do this, I cheat a little and use a packet mix which literally requires you to add water to the flour mix, kneed for a few minutes then leave to rise before cooking. Pretty damn simple. They can be frozen in portion sizes too! Over the next few weeks I will give you lots of soups so watch this space and have a great day!