Umm… March?!

So it occurred to me the other day that I kind of forgot to put up the recipe of the month for February. What can I say, it’s been busy around here! I promise that by next week I will have the recipe written up, you’ll just have to wait a little longer!

This last week has been a really busy one! On Tuesday I went into London for my ICS-Y Care International assessment day. I’ll tell you what; I check my emails pretty obsessively anyway but the last few days have been madness. I keep refreshing every time I look at my phone (we’re talking multiple times an hour!) and I think as with so many matters the wait to hear something back is the worse part of anything!

On Thursday, I took part in a 12 hour read-a-thon in aid of Give A Book for World Book Day. I dressed up as supervillain Poison Ivy (the looks I got when I got on the bus were amazing!) and stood around reading Richelle Mead’s Frostbite for hours. I think I was reading out loud for about 7 hours in total (and proudly managed to get all the way through the book – hence why I look so tired by the end!). We had readings by our university Hogwarts and Poetry societies too, which meant we got to have a little break to eat dinner! It was a great day and there was so much support for everyone that took part. It is amazing to see sometimes that people you don’t know get behind you on a cause. We don’t know how much we raised in total yet, but we are estimating between £400-£500! Such a worthwhile day!

Those were understandably the highlights of my week. What else is there to say? Not all that much! My menu this week has been pretty simple:

  • Sunday: Stir Fry
  • Sunday: Lentil, sweet potato, carrot dahl/tagine thing
  • Monday: Bulgogi style pork
  • Tuesday: (microwave) Curry and rice (I am so ashamed to have succumbed to the minute and half microwave dinner but it had been a long day….)
  • Wednesday: Sausages, roast potatoes, veg, yorkshire pudding
  • Thursday: Pulled pork and burger with curly fries and coleslaw (it was yummy!!)
  • Friday:Kung Pao Chicken



Practically Unrecognisable

You may or may not have noticed that my blog now has a new theme, let me know what you think. I’m still messing around with bits and bobs so please forgive me if links stop working!

Anyway, it has been a really good week. My sister’s show was actually amazing, not least because they managed to keep their Northern accents going practically the whole night! (Trust me when I say that it is hard for a Southerner to do a Northern accent without descending into some weird mix of Irish and Indian!) The show was so good that the local paper did an article on it and boy did the journalist sing the school’s praises. It was definitely deserved though, as always.

On Saturday morning I went to the cinema to see “Lion” which was really emotional. I was alright for the first half but from about an hour in I was basically always crying. Still, it was a really decent film and one of the few nominated films I have seen that I think actually deserves some of the awards it’s won.

Sunday I came home (after a really good roast dinner – thanks parents!). The rest of the week has passed without any major hitches.


I met Brendan Cole!! Also, isn’t the cathedral pretty at night?

On Wednesday evening, though, I had a spectacular evening. I went to the Marlowe Theatre and saw Brendan Cole’s new show, All Night Long. We booked the tickets way back in September or October (I can’t remember!) and I was so excited that it had finally come around. He and five other dancers put on the most amazing show, backed up by a group of amazing musicians, and Phoebe and I had such a great time. We waited behind at the stage door afterwards and got to have our photo taken with Brendan (I also got my programme signed!) so that just made the night even better.

Yesterday I went to the cinema in the evening to see The Great Wall. Hardly the best of films but it was a fun way to spend my night none the less. I even managed to sneak in my dinner!

Looking ahead, I have a feeling that the next few weeks are going to get very busy and potentially very stressful. I have a lot of things coming up, deadlines for one, but not everything will be bad. Positive things: I have an assessment day for ICS coming up (more to come on this topic should it all go well!), a 12 hour read-a-thon for World Book Day where I will be dressed as super-villain Poison Ivy in a bid to raise money for a local charity and then my Easter holiday in the not-so-distance future. Negative: pretty much everything else.

Still, I’ll make it through! I’ve had a kind of limited set of meals this week, mainly because I have been running around like a little bit of a headless chicken. Even so, I managed to eat well and had a pretty balanced set of dinners:

  • Saturday – pasta bake and “comfort pie” (cheesy potatoes with leeks and peas, I think… It’s my mum’s recipe so I’d have to ask!)
  • Sunday – roast lamb
  • Monday – chili beans and sausage pasta bake
  • Tuesday – Monday’s left overs
  • Wednesday – tomato and chorizo risotto
  • Thursday – chicken chow mein
  • Friday – falafel with salad in pitta bread

Well, That Went Quickly…

January has kind of flown by, hasn’t it! It has been a strange week, I can tell you. As I’ve said before my timetable is odd – I mean, what did I do to deserve days where my only lectures are 9-10am and 5-6pm? Anyway, with all these long gaps in my day I have started to feel as though I am cramming two days in to one. If that makes sense? I do my morning lectures, go home, eat, do some work and then sit around for a bit. Mid afternoon I will go out again and start again and it is messing with my brain. Wednesday morning I woke up thinking that the day after would be Saturday…

Anyway, my dodgy internal clock aside it has been a semi okay week. Focusing on the positives, I got some lab scripts back from last term along with some assessments that we’ve been waiting for for ages and I was pleased with my marks so that’s all good.

Yesterday was Eurovision: You Decide, and that was… well, less fun that we thought because none of the songs sounded like traditional Eurovision; no big key changes, dodgy pop dancing, weird instruments. There were too many ballads for my taste and none went anywhere. Still. The woman that the UK has chosen did have the best voice by far (and had a super impressive CV – west end shows AND had been in The Sarah Jane Adventures?!)

On a very sad note, John Hurt has died. I loved his voice so much. I shall, later today, watch something he was in in memory of him. So sad.

So food this week, I had:

  • Saturday: Vegetable Thai curry
  • Sunday: Chicken fajitas
  • Monday: Chilli con Carne for a late lunch, Sausage and sweetcorn quiche for dinner
  • Tuesday: Chicken curry and chips for another late lunch, more cold quiche for dinner
  • Wednesday: Tomato and chorizo risotto
  • Thursday: Mince curry and poached egg
  • Friday: Homemade BBQ chicken pizza

My weekly shop cost slightly more than normal but the price of my cereal has gone up for £2 (or £2.50 when not on “sale”) to £2.65 :0 And I brought some pre-cooked chicken to have with my lunch because I wanted something different. Still, I’m hardly breaking the bank here!

Now I must dash, got to get into town and run a story telling session in town. See ya!

Back In The Swing

This week was the first week of my second term and it’s been okay actually. I got a couple of marks back from assessments and assignments that we did before Christmas and I am pretty happy with how I am doing. Kinda sadly, whoever wrote the timetable for this term clearly has something against forensic scientists as they have given us 9ams every day save one and filled the rest of our week with stupid gaps that aren’t quite long enough to make going home worth it (but I go anyway because… well…. food).

That aside, I’ve had a pretty normal food week although I have noticed that I am snacking a little more than usual. I suppose knowing that I have biscuits around and making cheesecake isn’t really helping but it is something I’m going to try and curb! Still, walking up the hill to uni at least twice a day may well counter the junk food so I’m not all that worried.

My menu this week was:

  • Saturday: Stuffed peppers
  • Sunday: Sweet potato tagine
  • Monday: Chilli con carne (cold but still yummy)
  • Tuesday: Chicken curry (only slightly cold)
  • Wednesday: Baked fish with potatoes, tomatoes, red pepper and onions
  • Thursday: Lentil and fish coconut dahl
  • Friday: Lasagne and garlic bread

The recipe of the week was a one pot meal, texan hash.

In other news, I signed up to Odeon Limitless this week and have already been to see enough films that this month it has paid for itself! And in about an hour’s time I will be watching La La Land for the second time with my flatmate. I figured since I don’t spend money on drinking or going out that I had the cash to spare and this is something that will a) get me out the house when I am stressed and b) let me see the films that I wouldn’t normally go and pay to see. Win win as far as I can see.

Did people watch Sherlock last weekend too? Some of my friends came around to our house and we sat in the dark with hot chocolate (and marshmallows!) watching it and sort of freaking out – only a little, of course. It was a goodun for sure, although definitely a little weird! Anyway, have a great week!

A Well Deserved Break

I am back home with my family for Christmas now, hooray! This week has been both extremely busy and extremely not. As all students can understand, this has been a week of deadlines and I also had a timed assessment for my law module. Thankfully, as a science subject, I didn’t have to write any essays but I have been surrounded by the stress of those who have. But in other news, we went to see Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them in the on campus cinema (£5.30 a ticket!) and it was great. Yesterday I also went to see Rogue One with my mum and my sister and oh boy was it good.

Food this week has been literally clearing out any fresh food or stuff in the freezer that needed eating (remember that they recommend meat only stays frozen for a few months – who they are, I do not know but they must put nice little symbols on the inside of the freezer door for a reason). I have enjoyed:

  • Saturday: Sweet potato falafel (didn’t really work all that well, I ended up with sweet potato mush but it was tasty)
  • Sunday: Pork, mash, roast onions, yorkshire pudding, stuffing and gravy
  • Monday – Sweet potato and spinach lasagne
  • Tuesday – Buffet at society party (dominos pizza, sausage rolls, cocktail sausages, biscuits, cakes etc!)
  • Wednesday – Beef stirfry and noodles
  • Thursday – Cheese, baked bean and onion quesadilla
  • Friday – Pulled chicken burgers

Before I go back I will have to do a big shop to get me through the next term but I think I have done reasonably well this term. I hope that you guys have too. Hopefully after the new year I will have lots of new recipes ready to put up for you so that you can expand your repertoire and try new things!

I may or may not write again until after Christmas so have a great holiday and don’t forget to take some time to relax!

And The Answer Is: 42

As reassuring as it may or may not be to know that 42 is the meaning of life (the universe and everything) it is slightly scary to think that there are only that many days left of 2016. Time really is just slipping away this year! Anyway, let’s focus on the positives. This week I handed in my first and last case note for my law module (which I am so glad to see the back of), went to a talk by a bomb disposal expert, spent my evening helping out at a talent show for Children in Need and painting Pudsey on many peoples’ faces, stood outside our campus shop (in the cold) collecting change for Children in Need and watched the appeal show of Children in Need. bbccin_corelogo_port_rgb_pos_pudIf you hadn’t guessed, we were supporting Children in Need this week. If you haven’t donated, I implore you to. It really is a great charity and I hope it continues the great work of the dearly missed Terry Wogan for many many years to come.

Monday was also my friend’s birthday (she is now 20 and can no longer claim to not be an adult on account of being a “teenager”!) and for her presents I sent her some pringles (I really considered showing the world the gorgeous photo she sent me but I don’t think I’d ever be forgiven for sharing that with other people XD), a bar of galaxy chocolate and a little statue for her room. Whatever else would a student want? I also filled the box and card with confetti in the shape of “k”. For reference, when we studied A-Level chemistry, there was a constant relating to equilibrium that really wasn’t a constant at all. This understandably annoyed Isobel and she has never forgiven the letter so in true friendship I figured I’d treat her and shower her with tiny letter “k’s” as a special birthday gesture. To say she appreciated it may be an understatement.

Apart from that, it has been a pretty average week. Last weekend my flatmates and I played around in the garden waving sparklers around for best part of an hour. We won’t win the Turner Prize for our pictures but we certainly had fun trying to make words!

Anyway, food wise this week I actually had some really interesting food. Being in our campus bar for two nights this week due to Children in Need fundraisers meant I got a inventive with my cold “snack” dinners – I certainly wasn’t going to pay for dinner there, it is neither cheap nor healthy!nov12

  • Saturday: Potato “Lasagne” (potato, chicken, spinach layered in a dish with tomato sauce and cheese like lasagne)
  • Sunday: Satay inspired stir fry
  • Monday: Cold lamb kebab and salad in pitta bread
  • Tuesday: Cold rice and veggies
  • Wednesday: Veggie curry with naan bread
  • Thursday: Spicy beef with peppers, lettuce and pitta bread
  • Friday: Paella

Next weekend I am up to Liverpool for a really exciting set of tours and talks about pathology and all manner of other forensic disciplines. We are going to get a private tour around a morgue too. Oh yeah. Getting up there ended up being a lot cheaper than I expected as our amazing lecturer is driving us up on the uni minibus so we are all just splitting the petrol money! I’ve booked a bed in a YHA hostel one night and am staying with family the second night making accommodation much cheaper than the other options too so it is all very exciting! I will make sure to tell you all about it! Have a great day!

Remember, Remember…

How does the rest of that rhyme go, again? I seem to have forgotten.

This week has been a busy one, for sure. On Saturday I ran my very first session for the project I lead as part of a university volunteering society. It went surprisingly well and I am much calmer for the rest now. After that, I made my way to a friend’s house to “help” prepare for her Halloween party. In actuality, I sat around for the majority of the afternoon except for when I helped to carve a pumpkin – which we covered in glitter! 14885999_1394404327250048_373763401_nIt was supposed to be a vampire, because you know nothing is scarier than the sparkly vampires from Twilight. I was constantly reminded that I was the world’s smallest Galadriel and half way through the evening I became the chick from Game of Thrones that is obsessed with dragons (by this point I had been cuddling a fluffy toy dragon for the past hour so it seemed fitting, despite the fact I have never read nor seen GoT). I barely knew the people that turned up, having met all of them less than twice, but it was okay…. I just won’t be overly keen to go socialise any time soon again.

14914733_1393368334020314_1931005845_nSunday I went into London with the same friend and was basically ordered by my mother to buy some fabric for my Victorian dress that we are making for me. The fabric I got was a lovely red/burgundy-ish silk which ended up costing a huge total of £72… As if I needed further proof that re-enacting isn’t the best way to make one’s money last. Still, it means that I am getting a custom made Victorian dress for about £125 in total. Plus. Whilst in Brick Lane in London, we had the nicest plate of food that I think I have ever had from a food market. I can’t even remember what the fusion was (Indian and Bangladeshi maybe?) but my god it was fabulous. There was flavoured rice, lentil dahl, halumi curry, garlic chicken curry, spinach, olives and feta, onion salad, garlic yoghurt and a popadom. Seriously, it was so amazing. This is why I love foreign food. I am definitely going to go back and find this food stall again and I recommend you do too!

Since then, I have had to contact our landlord about having no hot water for the third time this month (the boiler is fixed now, in case you were wondering, but we are just counting the days til it fails again), do my weekly shop on a Tuesday (clearly I was a little too busy at the weekend to fit this in and it has totally thrown off my schedule!), install our new wifi router, fit in “employability talks” around my lectures (these have actually been very useful for what I want to do after my degree) and try find time to go into town to post a letter&card to my penpal in Sweden, whose birthday it is tomorrow! Hopefully she won’t be too disappointed that the card is late! Keep in mind that I still had my normal lectures and society meetings too!

Planning a meal around this rather hectic schedule – and the fact that I had barely any fresh food until Tuesday – was difficult but I managed it anyway! Here is what I had to eat this week:31-oct

  • Saturday: Buffet nibbles
  • Sunday: That gorgeous curry was my main meal of the day
  • Monday: Vegetable curry and bombay potatoes (yes, curry again but I was feeding a friend as well who I’d promised curry to and realistically I could eat it every day as there are so many variations)
  • Tuesday: Chilli con carne, rice and salad
  • Wednesday: Lamb “kebabs” with sweet potato chips
  • Thursday: Jacket potato with coleslaw
  • Friday: Cheesy vegetable pasta bake

Lunch was varied this week, actually. I had cheese on toast a few days, Mediterranean flavoured couscous, crumpets and sandwiches. I also made a cheesecake using left over bits in my fridge but that was gone in two evenings because, if you didn’t know, cheesecake is probably my favourite dessert. Ever.

I didn’t have a recipe of the week this week, instead a little post about my trip to Margate.

Of course, I have it! Remember, remember, the fifth of November, gun powder, treason and plot… This evening, my flat mates and I are going to be playing with sparklers to celebrate Guy Fawkes’ day. Hopefully we will have some fun pictures to share with you later, hope you have a great day!